Pilates Fitness Equipment

Pilates fitness equipment is designed around the concept of resistance. It is not designed for aerobic (cardio exercise), although the heart rate will certainly rise. Resistance is weight bearing where the "weight" is related to the effort required to resist the force of springs and pulleys or the weight of your own body. Resistance weight bearing is a proven method of building muscle, toning the body and reducing excessive fat.

The method is a series of controlled movements performed with Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Spine Corrector, the Ladder Barrel, and the Wunda Chair or on the floor (mat work) with theraband’s, magic circle rings, stability balls, and other specific pieces of small Pilates Equipment. Therabands and magic circles alone, will allow you to enjoy a good weight bearing workout at home, so you dont have to spend a huge amount of money on equipment.

Pilates Ball Exercises

Stability Ball DVD
My favourite piece of Pilates equipment is the pilates fitness ball. You may like to follow our class as they workout on their Stability Balls - perfect for the over 50's. Click HERE.

Or follow the exaples of Ball Exercises on these links: Pilates Ball Exercises
and here for:
Balance Ball Exercises.
Most studios are fully equipped with a full complement of Pilates equipment, so you’ll enjoy plenty of variety in your workout in good company with like minded people when you visit your local studio.

Some people enjoy working out in their own home and decide to purchase the larger PIlates equipment –but you will need plenty of space because they certainly cannot be tucked away out of sight in the corner.
Resistance Band DVD

Resistance Band DVD
Sometimes though, you may need only some of the smaller pieces of Pilates Equipment such as a theraband. This DVD stars our class of Over 50's doing an upper-body workout using Resistance Bands - and having fun! Click: HERE.

Alternatively you'll find excellent resistance band exercises here:
Resistance Band Exercises. and Theraband Exercises.

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Videos Over 50s

Over 50? FREE 2-minute videos with full instructions..Click here: Over 50's Workouts

Pilates DVDs

Stretching Exercise DVD

Check out our full body workout DVDs -There are 4: Core Strength Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises & Stretching Exercises. Click: DVDs