Pilates Exercise Mat

Pilates Exercise Mat: Matwork Pilates is a highly efficient and economical way of doing your Pilates Exercises. You can do them at home, get a group together or join a local group already practicing. If you are beginner, I recommend that you first join a class. Pilates is a very exacting practice (in fact it used to be called “Contrology”) and the practice does what it suggests. It’s important to understand and to learn to control your movements - and classes with a qualified instructor is essential.
A Pilates exercise mat is an essential piece of equipment if you’re serious about your exercise. Of course there is different thickness, and you’ll have to decide which is right for you. I’m a diehard and prefer a thin one, but if you have issues with your spine or knee problems, you will settle for the thicker mat. Mats are usually between 4.8mm (3/16inch) and 15.8mm (5/8 inch).

What are the benefits of using a mat?

• They’re transportable – take them anywhere
• They’re comfortable & protect spine, hips and knees
• Make a choice thick or thin
• Keeps the floor from smelling sweaty
• They last for years!
• You won’t slip as you could well do on the floor
• Easy to clean – kitchen detergent is fine

As our back pocket expenses are under fire, mat classes are a brilliant way to keep beautifully toned and fit. Remember though, doing strengthening exercises is only one side of the coin. It’s very important to also stretch your body. Here you will find our Pilates Exercises MENU and our for Stretching Exercises MENU all your needs.

Doing the odd exercise here and there may not be entirely suitable to you, so using a DVD to guide you through an exercise program is an excellent option. Below you will find a selection that will allow you to do just that.

These Pilates exercise mats are safe, durable and inexpensive. If you want to spice up your routine, the only other equipment you really need is a exercise ball and resistance band – and you’re away. So check the information below, choose a mat and get cracking. Here at our website, you’ll find exercises using this simple equipment. Check these pages:

Resistance Band Exercises and Stability Ball Exercises

On these pages, you'll also find short 2 minute videos to help guide you through your exercise routine. Good luck!

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Stretching Exercise DVD

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