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Not good for Teenagers Not rated yet
I don't think that young teenagers should be so worried. It's good to see healthy girls. Magazines don't show true images, they're all photoshopped. …

I don't want to look like a 30 year old, BUT.. Not rated yet
On my body image... At the moment I am overweight and am disappointed in myself. Unfortunately it is a bit of a vicious circle as I eat more when …

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More News on CELEBS
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff says she’s feeling confident and has managed to find a balance between health, happiness, and love. For Hilary, moderation is key — with lots of Pilates! Hilary looks gorgeous on the cover. Check out the highlights here:
"I was a gymnast when I was little, so I think Pilates is really important to helping me stay long and lean. I try to do it three times a week. I also do circuit training. Before I wasn't doing much cardio — just Pilates — and I wasn't getting the same results, so I bumped up my cardio and do circuits probably twice a week."

Gweneth Paltrow has OSTEOPAENIA What is osteopaenia?
Gweneth Paltrow was recently diagnosed with Osteopaenia. Osteopaenia (low bones density or thinning of the bones) is a precursor of Osteoporosis. Did you know Gweneth is only 37. Unusual? She does have a reputation for strange diets and perhaps her low Vitamin D count didn’t help much either – it is the nutrient needed for healthy bones. Weight bearing exercise, including Pilates helps build bone mass.
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Claudia Shiffer
Supermodel Claudia gave birth to her third child, Cosima recently and to get back on to the catwalk, she hopes to regain her sensation body with Pilates exercises. And, of course, she will.

Kate Winslet
Kate comes across as someone who exudes self-assurance and confidence. She’s happy with her body and does not intend to do anything (including botox) to change any part of it. She looks after herself with a combination of Pilates and running. Read more about Kate……
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Mick Jagger
He’s 68! Some say he looks good for his age, but I’m not too sure. But I won’t argue with the fact that he does have an amazingly fit and flexible body. Of course he does regular pilates to stay fit and healthy.

Additionally his daily workouts include an eight-mile run, kickboxing, swimming and cycling. He also practices ballet to keep himself limber. Not bad at all for someone who is nearly 70...
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