Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid Treatment: Hemorrhoid (in US) or haemorrhoid (in UK) are veins in the anal area which, when enlarged and inflamed (e.g. piles) become painful, very inconvenient and cause much difficulty involving the passing faeces.
Treatment for this condition includes drinking a lot more water, eating more fibre, pelvic floor exercises and keeping the area as clean and dry as possible. Natural herbal treatment include psyllium, calendula, neem, barberry, sulphur, horse chestnut, slippery elm, and witch hazel.
Male Pelvic Floor Anatomy But of course, you’re arrived at a Pilates website. Our Pilates classes and workous include the addition of pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercises. One thing many people are not aware of is that men too have pelvic floor muscles. These exercises were originally developed by Dr Arnold Kegel who was a gynecologist, so I guess that’s why they may be regarded as something for women only. It has been proved that these exercises also help all who suffer from inflamed hemorrhoids. Doing these exercises strengthens muscles in the anal region and improves blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. (Pelvic Floor muscle is red area in pic at above).

Female Pelvic Floor Muscle

The Pelvic Floor muscles look a bit like a sling or hammock shape at the base of our abdominal area see red area in pic at right). They connect to the pubis bone at the front, the coccyx at the back and the sit-bones on each side. They also become weak with age, after childbirth and with constant “pushing” due to constipations. These are the muscles we need to exercise, and we’re going to show you 3 methods of doing just that.

This technique is a traditional way of doing Pelvic Floor (or Kegel) Exercises:

1. Inhale (take a deep breath)
2. As you exhale, gently contract muscles around the anus and hold for the count of 3 – you can hold longer and stronger when the problem diminishes. N.B It is vital this contraction is performed on the EXHALED breath.
3. Start with 3 deep breaths and work up over a few days. Do the exercises 3 times a day. Once you've developed strength and have healed, don't stop. Keep doing these exercises as they have many more benefits. (See below)

How do I do Pelvic Floor Exercises?

For a full description with 2 more different methods of how to do pelvic floor exercises, go to : Pelvic Floor Technique

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