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Posture Exercises Good Posture: Having a good alignment is so very important for good health and good looks. Doing exercises is an integral part of any pilates exercise routine. Indeed, it's the core of it. To maintain a our good alignment, we need a strong core.
Some of us seem to have been born with it, and the rest of us have to work at it. If you have strong and healthy CORE muscles, there’s a good chance you also have good spinal alignment and posture.
Posture Exercises However, not all of us are so blessed unfortunately. Your spine consists of natural curves – cervical (neck)is curved in, thoracic (upper back)is curved out, lumbar (mid back)is curved in again and the sacral (lower back)out again. All these curves work a bit like a shock absorbers – and they are designed just for that very reason.

The health of your spine is influenced by 2 factors -

  • Whether or not muscles around the spine are weak or strong.
  • Whether or not those muscles are tight.

Below you will find a 1 minutes video. Tight hamstrings is one of the major causes of lower back postural issues. When these are tight, they can pull down on the hip girdle and cause not only poor posture, but lower back pain as well. This is such a simple little exercise and well worth doing..

Pilates Stretches Improve your Posture with these Pilates Exercises & Stretches on the following MENUS: A full range of exercises for STRENGTHENING and also STRETCHING .

Pilates CHECK-UP: By checking your posture first, you'll find where your weak spots are - you will then know which muscles you need to work on - which to stretch and which to strengthen. Try the FREE Check-Up here in the right column.

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