Free Exercise Tips

Free Exercise Tips: We have over 100 Pilates examples on these pages. Think of this page as your menu to find just what it is you’re looking for. We offer both strengthening exercises and stretching exercises and have tips on every page.

The main emphasis of Pilates is Core Strength – this includes getting a nice looking six pack , but it also includes many other muscles around your abdomen (check out the pic on the left) – even including pelvic floor. All these are free. I hope you enjoy these pages. They are full of useful information that will guide you with every muscle in your body, and how to best care for it.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, below is a box that will search this website for you over to the right. Have fun!!

So, to make it simple, here’s a general overview:


ALL STRETCHES - Illustrated Stretching Exercises

ABS - Best Ab Exercises

CORE STRENGTH - Core Strength Exercises

BALANCE - Balance Exercises

POSTURE - Posture Exercises

PELVIC FLOOR - Pelvic Floor Technique

FOR SENIORS - Exercises for Seniors


Lower Back Exercises

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Pilates DVDs

Stretching Exercise DVD

Check out our full body workout DVDs -There are 4: Core Strength Exercises, Stability Ball Exercises, Resistance Band Exercises & Stretching Exercises. Click: DVDs