Exercises Love Handles

Exercises Love Handles: Such a lovely name for bulges that nobody really wants! Whether you call them love handles or your spare tyre, it all amounts to 2 things.
1. You’re eating and drinking too much, and
2. You need a good simple set of abdominal exercises , particularly your abdominal obliques. So let's get started on the love handles that nobody wants!
Here are 3 great love handle exercises, together with a video, that will help you look trim, taut and terrific in no time at all.

Many people think that if you do sit-ups and crunches, you have a great torso. It’s a myth!!! The six pack (or rectus abdominis) is only a slim band of muscle centre-front. Looks good, I’ll grant you that, but if you want to work on the love handles, you need to do more. You need to do core abdominal exercises, and that is what follows here. These muscles wrap right around you torso, front, side and back. They are call the corset muscle and are comprised of the transverses and the oblique abdominals.

1. The first of your exercises love handles is a quintessential pilates exercise called “Hundreds”
They’re call this, because Joseph Pilates is said to have continued to do 100 a day in to his 80’s - with absolutely NO love handles!

Lie on the floor in this position, with both shoulder blades lifted off the floor.

Then, SLOWLY pump you arms up and down while you hold this position. Inhale for 2 pumps and exhale for 2 pumps.

2. The second of your exerciseslove handles is called Single Leg Stretch.
In the same position, place both hands on the left knee, with your right leg extended out. Then, both hands on the right knee, with left leg extended out.
Inhale for 2 movements, exhale for 2. (Correct breathing is very important in Pilates).

3. The third of your exercises love handles is called Criss Cross.
This is the very BEST for your love handles.
Same position is above, hands behind head.
Lift the left armpit up the the right knee, and then right armpit up to the left knee.
Inhale for 2 breaths and exhale for 2.

BELOW you’ll find a VIDEO to help with these exercises. Good luck! Keep it up and you'll get rid on your love handles in no time. Then find you LOVE.....

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