Calf Stretch

Calf Stretch: Yoga people call this one the downward dog. The function of the calves, when strong and flexible, is to facilitate excellent forward movement allowing us to walk and run effortlessly by bending at the knee and ankle. Tight muscles here often go hand in hand with tight hamstrings and are frequently responsible for pain in the achilles tendon and heel as well as pain and problems with the knees.

#1: Nothing wrong with Mr. Fin's achilles, he performs the exercise almost as well as Stephanie. calf stretch The idea is to gently encourage your heel down towards the floor – with legs straight, or as straight as you can get them and upper body relaxed with head heavy.

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Calf Stretch

#2: Another exercise can be done on steps. Ensure there is a rail to hold on to and place the toes and ball of both feet on the edge of one step, and allow the heel to move down towards the next. Hold for around 20 seconds and if you are very tight, a couple of times a day will get these muscles back into good working order in no time.

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