Butt Exercises - 3 of the Best

Butt Exercises: Some call it “butt” and some call it “backside” BUT, the bottom line is, we all want well toned rear-ends. Too much flab is not a good look. The little pic on the left will give you an idea of what your gluteal muscles look like under your skin – that is, with all the FAT removed! Now, I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t have a little bit of fat, but just not too much....Pilates exercises are a wonderful way of toning and firming your backside.

Remember to breathe fully through these exercises. This will ensure you get plenty of oxygen to muscle cells.

The exercises are done to the rhythm of breathing. SLOWLY. Please not quick repetitions as you may have learned to do. You’ll get much better results this way.

TOP BUTT STRETCHES: After you watch the VIDEO below, be sure to check the way to stretch glute muscles. This pic on the left is one way and by clicking HERE , you'll find others.

The first set of is simple and effective. If you need to be more challenged, simply add ankle weights.

  1. Starting on all fours. Keeping the knee bent, lift the leg up with foot moving around towards your butt as you inhale, and exhale as you lower. 10 repetitions, and of course, both legs.

  2. Again on all fours. Keeping the knee bent, lift leg to the side. Inhale as you lift, exhale as you lower. 10 repetitions, both legs.

  3. All fours. Straight leg. Lift the leg as you inhale, lower as you exhale.

2 Minute VIDEO below, not only strengthens your BUTT but also your LOWER BACK - not bad!!!!

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